Services - Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution

HSKEE LAW litigation services both broad and deep, our Litigation &Dispute Resolution practice form the core of our services to our clients. Focusing on disputes that either reach the High Court or are resolved by arbitration, we are involved in many high-profile commercial litigation and arbitration matters in Malaysia.

Geared for rapid response, the Litigation & Dispute Resolution team can be called upon at short notice to resolve large-scale and complex litigation matters. This includes urgent applications and discovery-driven trial and arbitration matters.


  1. Encik Kee Mohd Thariq had conducted a multi-million dollar litigation against a national maritime carrier and successfully obtained a multi-million dollar judgment for our client after finally concluding the matter at the Federal Court.

  2. Encik Kee Mohd Thariq had also conducted a multi-million dollar arbitration against a multinational electronics distributor at the Kuala Lumpur Regional Center for Arbitration and successfully negotiated for settlement.

  3. Dato’ Hifdzi has conducted numerous personal injury, general insurance and medical negligence cases and has represented claimants as well as insurance companies. The total aggregate amount of compensation awards obtained is well above RM 10 Million.
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